Friday Location: Volkspark Friedrichshain!

It won’t be as hot as yesterday, and you might want to bring your sweater, but it certainly won’t rain, and it is always nicer to be outside. So today’s session will be at Volkspark Friedrichshain starting at about 2 pm. Check the map on the event page for a precise location marker!

Old post:

The situation is currently being evaluated. We will let you know soon about today’s location!

That was a great first day of our 20th Anniversary event, and the weather played along nicely.
Let’s hope it will be the same tomorrow. We will decide on the location in the morning, and post it here!

Thursday session: Spreebogenpark, 14h!

It is decided: The weather forecast tells us it won’t be raining until the evening, so we will have our first session of FC Footstar’s 20th Anniversary at Spreebogenpark, close to Berlin Central Station / Hauptbahnhof. Go to the event page for a map and more info. See you all there!

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The location for Thursday’s session will be posted here at 11 am, as the weather forecast still is changing constantly, and giving us a hard to time to decide whether to play outside, or go to the gym.

Stay tuned, we will let you know tomorrow morning right here!

Old post:

The weather forecast giving us mixed feelings at the moment. Of course we would love to play outside every day, but if weather does not permit, we will play inside. Just check back here to get the final location information for each day!

Finally, there is some information on our upcoming event. Please go to the event page to find out more about our 20th anniversary celebration. Also, if you’re planning to come, please register now!

50 Players registered!

We have reached 50 registered players from 10 different countries for this year’s German Footbag Championships, and registration is still online for a few more days. So if you have not registered yet, and are planning to come, please sign up right now:

Registration for GFC 2017  UPDATE: Online Registration is now closed.

We will send out an e-mail with all the important information to all registered players on Thursday night, so watch out for that.

Also, we updated the schedule to fit in the Singles Net competition, as requested by popular demand.

Check the updated event page.

Looking forward to a great tournament!


…and we’re back!

It’s been a while, but FC Footstar is about to have a web site again. Expect more content to be coming in the next months, including an archive of all the events ever held in Berlin, plus all the videos that were shot in Berlin or made by club members over the years.