German Footbag Championships 2017 – November 18-19

This year, the German Footbag Championships will return to the city where they first took place in 1999, and as usual, you can look forward to a fun tournament in your favourite city.
All locations are situated within walking distance to each other, so you can make the most of your time in Berlin. You won’t be walking more than 10 minutes to have breakfast, play footbag, have lunch or dinner, party with us, and finally rest your head.


Open Routines
1. Wiktor Debski
2. Matthias Schmidt
3. Mikko Lepistö
4. Marco Hartig
5. Caroline Birch

1. Alexander Trenner
2. Mikko Lepistö
3. Matthew Kemmer
4. Matthias Schmidt
5. Marco Hartig
6. Caroline Birch
7. Michael Lamberjohann
8. Tuomas Riisalo

Request Contest
1. Jakob Wagner
2. Mikko Lepistö
3. Marco Hartig
4. Matthew Kemmer
5. Wiktor Debski / Radoslaw Turek / Matthias Schmidt / Alexander Trenner
9. Ivan Iakimenko
10. Tuomas Riisalo


Online Registration is now closed.


As a participant of the German Footbag Championships 2017, you have access to reduced rates at the nearby Motel Plus. Walking distance from the motel to the gym is only 150 meters!
Reduced rates:
Twin room: 62 € / night /room
Double room: 72 € / night / roomTo reserve your room, use this form (print, fill out, send in via email or fax).
Deadline for reservation is October 25th, so go ahead and reserve your room now!


You will be served a delicious breakfast and coffee at our friends from Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar both on Saturday and Sunday morning.
Lunch will be served right at the gym, for dinner there is plenty of options in the neighbourhood – you’ll be able to find anything you could desire, and more, at reasonable prices.


We secured a hidden gem as the location for Saturday’s party, where you can not only enjoy cold drinks from the bar, dance to the music, but also practice your skills in ‚Kegeln‘, the German version of bowling.


  • Friday, November 17th
    21h: Pub Evening + Registration at Rotbart (Böhmische Str. 43, 12055 Berlin)
  • Saturday, November 18th
    8.30 – 12.00: Breakfast at Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar
    11.00 – 20.00: Open Doubles Net
    15.00 – 17.30: Freestyle Competition
    17.00: Freestyle Finale
    17.30 – 20.00: Mixed Doubles Net
    22.00: Party at Berliner (Hermannstr. 138, 12051 Berlin)
  • Sunday, November 19th
    9.00 – 12.00: Breakfast at Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar
    10.00 – 12.30: Singles quali
    12.30 – 14.00: Singles 3rd place match and finale
    14.00 – 15.30: Mixed final and 3rd place match
    15.30: Doubles semi finals
    17.00 – 19.00 Doubles net final and 3rd place match



flyer front flyer back

Original artwork by Alexander Michelewski