German Footbag Open 2023 – November 11-12

German Footbag Open 2023 are behind us, and we had a phenomenal turnout. It was heartwarming to see so many freestyle circles at the same time, and the net competition surely was world class.
2-Square once again proved to be the future of Footbag, with a high number of participants, and some intense and hard-fought matches. And then there was the food, setting a new standard in tournament cuisine.

Thank you everyone for coming, and see you next time!


1. Wiktor Debski & Yves Kreil
2. Chris Löw & Yassin Khateeb
3. Radoslav Rusev & Ivan Stanev
4. Felix Ostwaldt & David Kaufmann
5. Joschka Sebrantke & Paweł Rożek
6. Eurik Lindner & Henning Lindner
7. Tino Holzmann & Jari John
8. Audrey Tumelin & Grischa Tellenbach
9. Simon Voss & Darwin „Chipy“ Mora
10. Matthias Feulner & Matthias Schmidt
11. Tim Lengemann & Max Rose
12. Heike Koller & Alex Michelewski

1. Christopher Schillem
2. Honza Weber
3. Jakob Wagner
4. Paul Cronjaeger / Marco Hartig / Matthias Schmidt
7. Wiktor Debski / Tim Lengemann / Petr Stejskal
10. Jan Brekle
11. Angelo Rendon
12. Max Rose / Vjaceslav Sidorin

1. Jakob Wagner
2. Tim Lengemann
3. Paul Cronjaeger
4. Matthias Schmidt
5. Paweł Rożek / Angelo Rendon / Tino Holzmann / Wiktor Debski
9. Mikko Lepistö / Joschka Sebrantke / Max Rose / Jan Brekle

Original Event Announcement

It’s been a while since we last hosted an event, but the time has finally come again. FC Footstar welcomes you all to Berlin for the German Footbag Open 2023!

The event will take place on the weekend of November 11-12 in the familiar gym at Palisadenstrasse 76-78.

There will be competition in Open Doubles Net, as well as a Freestyle Jam. If there’s enough interest, we might have some Freestyle competition as well. And then there’s 2-Square, above all.


We’ll provide coffee and snacks in the morning, fruit during the day, and lunch on both days at the gym. There will be no full breakfast.


Friday, Nov 10th
20.00h Welcome Party at Eck-Kneipe (Mariannenplatz/Waldemarstr.)
Saturday, Nov 11th
10.00h Players Meeting
10.30h Open Doubles Net
13.00h Lunch
17.00h Request Contest
18.00h Net Finals
21.00h Party at YAAM (An der Schillingbrücke 3)
Sunday, Nov 12th
11.00h Pick-Up Games
13.00h Lunch
14.00h Open 2-Square
17.00h Award Ceremony