20th Anniversary – May 10-13, 2018

While there has been a regular Footbag community at least since 1996, FC Footstar Berlin e.V was officially founded on January 12th, 1998. This is why this year we are celebrating the  20th anniversary of our club.

With life getting in the way of our main organizer’s daily schedule, it won’t be the full-blown spectacular non-stop-crazyness event we (and maybe you) hoped for. We are doing our best nonetheless to make it a couple of worthwhile days spent in spring-time Berlin.

This event will be a jam only, there will be no official competition. This means that finally you’ll have all the time to play all the games and shred as much as you want, without having to hold back for competition. Isn’t that a dream come true? It surely is for us.

We plan on playing outside on all days, setting up at a different park every day, but in case of bad wheather, we have a gym secured.


  • Thursday, May 10th
    14.00: Session at Spreebogenpark, close to Central Station
    21:00: Party at Morphin, Hasenheide 13
  • Friday, May 11th
    14.o0: Session at Volkspark Friedrichshain
    23.00: Party at Rosi’s, Revaler Str. 29
  • Saturday, May 12th
    11.30: Brunch at Yves‘ place, Manteuffelstr. 103
    14.00: Session at Hasenheide
    21.00: Party at Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Str. 66
  • Sunday, May 13th
    13.00: Session at Eastside Gallery


There is no official host hotel, so you are required to take care of your needs by yourself. As there is a multitude of options, this should not be a problem. As for the location, anything between northern Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain should work just fine, with adjacent neighborhoods still being a good choice.


We will provide some food and drinks for most of the  days,  it won’t be the full package though. As there is always something to eat to be found in Berlin, you can easily find eveything you need around the event locations.


Thursday’s opening party will be at legendary Morphin bar. On Friday, we’re guests at Rosi’s, and on Saturday at Klunkerkranich. Good times ahead!