German Footbag Open 2019 – October 12th-13th

German Footbag Open will once again take place in Berlin, and we welcome everyone to come and participate! Please have a look at the event page here on this site, and keep checking back for updates! Also, if you plan to come, please register now!
Update: Added food info on event page. Update 2: Added Friday Night info. Update 3: Registration closed, added Saturday Night info!

Classic Video from 2004: GFO’04 – One Drop

Again, not a FC Footstar production, but surely worth watching: Tournament footage from German Footbag Open 2004 in Frankfurt/Main. In this showcase event players were given one attempt for their best run on stage.
This video was produced and released in July 2004 by Sebastian Wäscher of Dexterity Dortmund footbag club.

Classic Video from 2003: FC Footstar’s 5th Anniversary

This is a series of videos showing highlights from the weekend of FC Footstar’s 5th anniversary in January 2003, featuring shred and shenanigans by FC Footstar members and visiting players from Prague, including Ales Zelinka and Vasek Klouda.

These videos were shot and edited by our friend Fabian Kollakowski, who passed away in 2016. The individual clips are joined into one single video here.

Only the compressed files remained available, so the quality isn’t all that great, but the footage is surely worth watching.

Classic Videos from 2002: Website Teaser and Profile Videos

Shot in 2002, this video was an early teaser for a bunch of videos (see below) that were to be released on It was produced by the late Fabian Kollakowski, who remains unforgotten.

Beware of the pixels!


This is a series of clips that were shot and edited in early 2002 by Fabian Kollakowski and released later that year. For your convenience, they are combined into a single video here. There is no sound track on this one.