Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year to all the Footbag family, and everybody else! May 2022 finally bring an end to the pandemic (fingers crossed). Also, get vaccinated!

In Footbag news, we’ll be returning to regular gym training sessions starting next weekend. To take part in these trainings, you need to be fully vaccinated, and additionally tested on the same day. We also provide rapid test kits to do testing on site.

FC Footstar meets ALBA Berlin

ALBA Berlin, one of the top basketball clubs of the country and winner of countless national championships, promotes Footbag as a fun and healthy activity for elementary school kids in a series of videos on their YouTube channel. For the final installment, FC Footstar’s Felix and Yves showcase a few advanced moves. Enjoy! (FC Footstar segment starts about 12 minutes in)

21 years of FC Footstar, today!

January 12th, 2019, marks the 21st anniversary of our clubs’s official formation. In celebration of finally having reached legal drinking age in the United States, we will be publishing classic photos and videos from our archives over the course of the next weeks, not necessarily in chronological order. To begin with, here’s a photo from (presumably) the foundation meeting in January 1998. Just one of the guys in the photo is still active, can you find out who it is?

(Sorry for potato quality, it was 1998 after all. Also, ignore table contents and wall decoration, please.)

Looking back at 2018

The year 2018 went by as quickly as ever, so let’s take some time to look back at it from a FC Footstar perspective. Our 20th anniversary, World and European Championships, and why there were no German Championships for the first time since 1999 are the subjects we want to explore in this post. …read more!