Looking back at 2018

The year 2018 went by as quickly as ever, so let’s take some time to look back at it from a FC Footstar perspective. Our 20th anniversary, World and European Championships, and why there were no German Championships for the first time since 1999 are the subjects we want to explore in this post.

FC Footstar’s 20th anniversary

On January 12th, 2018, our club had its 20th Anniversary, the celebrations for which would be held in May over the course of four days.
More than 40 people came, we had decent weather and good times all around. Thanks again to everybody who came! If you missed it, you can check out the videos and photos.

European Footbag Championships, Kranj

In June, Euros were held in a small Slovenian town, and as usual, FC Footstar members attendend. They managed to place right up there in the rankings, just look at these results (club members highlighted):

Women Singles NetWomen Doubles NetMixed Doubles NetOpen Doubles Net
1. Lena Mlakar Jereb
2. Irena Pelko
3. Yulia Klouda
4. Heike Koller
5. Audrey Tumelin
1. Yulia Klouda & Heike Koller
2. Lena Mlakar Jereb & Irena Pelko
3. Audrey Tumelin & Sladzana Dzukanovic
1. Wiktor Debski & Lena Mlakar Jereb
2. Yves Kreil & Yulia Klouda
3. Ales Pelko & Irena Pelko
4. Antonio Fritsch & Heike Koller
5. Grischa Tellenbach & Audrey Tumelin
1. Karim Daouk & Arthur Ledain
2. Yassin Khateeb & Yves Kreil
3. Wiktor Debski & Wojciech Jamski
4. Tammo Rockel & Radoslav Rusev
5. Antonio Fritsch & Felix Ostwaldt
6. Gregor Morel & Grischa Tellenbach
7. Eurik Lindner & Andreas Wolff
8. Ales Pelko & Jaka Stare
9. Jakub Grabarczyk & Pawel Rozek
10. Milan Ardalić & Maciej Samborowski
11. Michał Klimczak & Michal Rog
12. Steve Kuntze & Robin Püchel
13. Silwan Daouk & Jari John
14. Łukasz Domin & Maciej Pietrzycki
15. Mitja Grebenc & Ibrahim Zanati
Full results here. Also, check out this wonderful video by Pawel Rozek:

World Footbag Championships, Sofia

In late July, Worlds were held in the Bulgarian capital and although less of our club’s payer could make it, at least some medals could be obtained (club members highlighted):

Open Doubles NetOpen Circle Contest
1. Karim Daouk / Arthur Ledain
2. Wiktor Debski / Wojciech Jamski
3. Antonio Fritsch / Manuel Kruse
4. Luke Legault / Sébastien Maillet
5. Emmanuel Bouchard / François Pelletier
6. Ivan Stanev / Rosen Kyrta
7. Tammo Rockel / Radoslav Rusev
8. Jakub Grabarczyk / Pawel Rozek
9. Grischa Tellenbach / Grega Morel
10. Damian Budzik / Marcin Staroñ
11. Eurik Lindner / Yassin Khateeb
12. Tuomas Riisalo / Guillaume Degat
13. Simon Voss / Darwins Mora
14. Luka Weyler-Lavallée / Quentin Isackson
15. Michal Rog / Michal Klimczak
16. Robin Püchel / Benjamin Kanske
18. Barthélémy Meridjen / Janis Thal
19. Tino Holzmann / Jari John
20. Jim Hankins / Bogdan Roussev
21. Marcin Czech / Maciej Samborowski
22. Kristiyan Dimitrov / Hristo Marev
23. Ilkka Malin / Santeri Karvinen
24. Dinko Dimitrov / Evgeni Georgiev
1. Vaclav Klouda
2. Mathias Blau
3. Serge Kaldany
4. Taishi Ishida
5. Matthias Schmidt
5. Pawel Nowak
5. Rafal Kaleta
5. Dominik Simku
9. Filip Wójcik
9. Andrey Dyakonov
9. Dimitar Dimitrov
9. Matt Kemmer
13. Nis Petersen
13. Johnny Sarah
13. Anton Britting
16. Jindra Smola

Full results here.

German Footbag Championships 2018

Lastly, let us find out what happened to German Championships this year. To cut a long story short – and you will have guessed it: There was just nobody to organize them. While we don’t know about the reasons in other cities (although the might be similar to our’s), we do know what made it impossible for us: Over the course of the last few years, quite a few of our club members ventured into parenthood, while others became deeply involved with this thing called „work“ in one way or another. By the end of the year we had to admit to the fact that organizing German Championships again was just not an option for us as a team.

As sad as it is – especially since this would have been the 20th annual event – we have to face reality and deal with it. There are currently talks going on about hosting the event in 2019, but we will only confirm this when we have come to a decision.

Happy New Year 2019, everyone!